-June, the album is released.

        -July, Mistweaver plays at Milwaukee
Metalfest in USA.

        -October, Mistweaver plays at
Xtreemfest together with Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Grave,…

Mistweaver signs to Golden lake from Scotland for one album.

         -August, Mistweaver plays at Revoltallo
in Vigo, together with Heavenwood,…

January, entering  at VRS Studios in
Madrid to record the new album “Age of Darkness”.

         -March, the album is sent to Finnvox
in Finland for the mastering.

         -June, Age of Darkness is released.

February, gig in Irún supporting Skyclad

         -April, Guillermo leaves the band.

         -July, Simón comes on the drums.

         -December, Simón leaves the band and
as the new album is already composed, the band 

          Hires Alfred Berengena to record the
drums on the new album.

March, Alfred records the drums at Tribal Art Studios in Girona.

        -June, Simón returns to the band to
play a show in Burgos. Later, he decides to stay in the 


        -September, it was supposed that the
new album would be recorded in september but, 

          Because of a missundertanding it
would be delayed until the next year.

2008- May,
the band goes to Sweden to record the new album at Sonic Train Studios in 

           Varberg, with Andy Larocque in the

          -August, the album is sent to Finnvox
for the mastering one more time.

2009- Some
gigs, winners of a local competition and trying to find a label to release the

2010- The
album is released in May through Casket (UK), Medusa (Ger), Khaosmaster (PR)
and the band. A few gigs in between and the creation of the next album is
already done.

        -November, gig supporting WASP and

2011- Some
gigs and preparing the new stuff

2012- More

2013- May,
Simon finally leaves definitely the band and Ramón comes to the family.

      -July some gigs with the new line up

      -December, Edu (keys) leaves the band and
Joaquín comes to take his place.

2014- The
album is taking form and there will be some gigs this new year.



October, the spawn is breeding

January, the first rehearse. Line up=Raúl: guitar & vocals, Leticia: guitar
& vocals, David

           Jesús: keyboard, Willy: drums 

        -September, line up is completed with
Chuchi on the bass and the first gig a week later.

January,  problems begin. Friendship
disappears and Leticia and Chuchi leave the band.

         -February, Edu comes to play on the
guitar and Dani on the bass.

         -June, things were not ok with Willy
since January and he finally leaves the band. Santi, an                           

           Old friend of the band, plays a show
in June with us.

          -July, Guillermo comes on the drums.

          -September, the first gigs with the
new members.

          -December, the first mini cd “Sol
Obscurabitur” begins to be recorded.

Several gigs during  the first months of
the year.

          -June, Sol Obscurabitur is released
through the local label 903.

          -September, gig in Madrid supporting  Centinex, Nunslaughter and Into Darkness

January, recording of the new album Dream´s Domain in Burgos.

         -May, as the first recording in Burgos
was a mess, we record the new songs at Tala Studio

           In Bermeo.

         -September, the album is released and
distributed by Medusa Prod. From Germany.

         -October, Mistweaver signs to
Anfeca/Zero rec for four albums and Dani leaves the band.

           The new member is David on the bass.

         -December, Dream´s Domain is re-released
through Anfeca/Zero.

February, first time in Portugal (Pombal and Figueira da Foz).

         -October, recording of the new album
“The Aftermath” at Spacelab Studios in Germany.

         -November, left forlorn from
Anfeca/Zero, we leave the label and decide to look for  

          Another one.

January, Mistweaver signs to Deepsend Rec from USA.

         -April, David Jesús is fired and Edu
comes on the keyboards.